Why a Content Management Solution Should Be in Your Marketing Toolbox


One of the best investments you could make for your website is an enterprise content management system. The right content management solution can drive and leverage your inbound marketing and content strategy for better marketing ROI.

Your website is one of the most important tools to communicate with your target audience and to convert prospects to customers. A great CMS software combines simplicity and functionality, allowing marketers to control all aspects of the website design without having to learn complex coding. Using a content management solution provides many other benefits.

Non-technical marketers can easily modify the website

Not all marketers are comfortable with technology(CSS, HTML, Javascript).Typical content management solutions allow marketers to write and publish content to multiple channels quickly and efficiently in real time without having to learn the underlying technology of publishing on the web. However, managing multiple instances of the same content can be error-prone, and publishing inconsistent product or pricing information can be disastrous. Liquid Content in the DNN Evoq CMS software ensures that your content is consistent, yet contextual, across channels.

An enterprise content management system allows multiple logins

You might require multiple team members in the marketing department to work on the same website simultaneously; for example, the social media manager could publish a blog post while the web manager adds few product pages to the website. Evoq administrators can assign CMS authors to one or more user roles. Permissions on pages and modules can then be applied to particular roles. For example, the Marketing Department user role can be granted permissions to update the product pages on a website, while the HR Department user role can update the job listings page.

The CMS helps streamline website maintenance and operations

Without CMS software, changes to the website would require trawling through web pages, which can be time-consuming, depending on the size of your site. With the right content management solution, the architecture remains the same, and functionalities and updates can be installed without breaking the website. With the centralized Evoq console, you can manage multiple sites or portals without having to jump between systems. You can create content once, then share or reuse it across sites that belong in the same Site Group. In addition, site administrators can use the same credentials to login to each site.

You can complete simple design changes in seconds

An enterprise content management system makes redesigning a website considerably easier as well. Because design and content are separated, marketers can make design changes without taking the site down. In addition, the admin dashboard allows changes to be automatically applied to the entire website to give it a consistent appearance.

You can grow your content team easily

More content contributors means more content. However, more people can also increase the likelihood of human error. The Evoq CMS software helps you safeguard and control your brand as you grow your content team. The Evoq content management solution is preconfigured with well-defined roles and permissions to view, create, and manage content(adding new pages, inserting modules to a page, copying features to another page, and more). Moreover, you can assign tasks and check their status.

Enterprise content management systems have traditionally allowed marketers to manage their website but with the intervention of more tech-savvy employees or contractors. With today’s CMS platforms, many website changes can be completed on the fly without involving IT resources. And, with the right content management solution, such as Evoq, marketers have more opportunities to expand their site’s content by growing their team of CMS authors while reducing IT costs and without worrying about technological limits.

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