Top 6 Recent Home Theatre Trends


Home theaters have been with us for what it seems like forever, and during all that time, their basic concept hasn’t changed much. However, the things have remained the same only at the surface and like everything else that is rooted in the world of tech, home theatres are exposed to some pretty rapid developments. The rise of smart technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) has just made the whole thing a lot more interesting. So, let’s take a look at what’s brewing in the world of big-screen home entertainment.

Multipurpose entertainment space

As the time goes by and big screens and sound systems are becoming more affordable, home theaters are finding their way into more homes than ever before. However, not all homeowners have the privilege of reserving an entire room for home theater. Therefore, a growing number of home theaters are no longer elaborate theatre-like setups, but rather multipurpose entertainment hubs that are integrated into a room with the inclusion of two basic home theater elements – huge TVs and quality sound systems.

Soundbars, soundbars everywhere!

With the new home theater systems’ main goal being to perform and fit the smaller space rather than to impress, one has to re-examine the clutter and complexity of five-to-seven speaker systems. Modern soundbars may not be as powerful (especially if you don’t include a separate subwoofer in the entire system), but they are more than capable of producing a rich, satisfying audio experience. It’s really no wonder that they’re becoming the go-to compact home theater solution.

Multiple screens

A smaller space doesn’t always have to imply a limit to only one screen. On the contrary, multipurpose nature of modern home theater systems often requires a multi-screen setup, mostly due to gaming needs. But, even if you haven’t touched a gamepad in your life, you have to admit, the variety of available entertainment content is extremely vast – having multiple screens allows you not to be restricted to only one option at the time.

Smart TVs

Implementation of operating systems like Android and iOS has caused an upheaval in the world of mobile phones and forever changed the face of the entire industry. As expected, it was only a matter of time before smart technologies crossed over the mobile device boundaries and conquered other realms. Today, although smart TVs haven’t made as much impact as smartphones, they have opened the doors to interesting innovations like TV browsing, TV gaming, and live tweeting, and underlined the need for multi-screen setups.

4K TVs with HDR

Big screens have always been an essential part of every home theater setup. However, until recently we had neither the devices that would justify such huge dimensions nor the content that would look good on them. These days, both of these things have changed, so TV wall mounting companies in Brisbane, Sydney and other major cities have their hands full with huge 4K-capable TVs. Another exciting technology that is slowly becoming a standard is HDR (HighDynamicRange) that produces a wide range of brightness levels and makes the whole experience even better.

3D technology

Although it’s been disregarded as sheer gimmick and written off countless times before, 3D technology has proven to be quite stubborn, and it seems to be making a strong household presence. This makes a lot of sense because 4K content, streaming capabilities, smart technologies and 3D are all intertwined, and they develop at the similar pace and in the same direction. Today, you finally have a quality 3D content that is actually watchable on a home TV and doesn’t require an elaborate setup and additional equipment.

As we can see, home theaters are no longer built only for movie marathons and huge sport events; nowadays, they are just as suitable for those events as they are for other, more mundane activities. Furthermore, new technologies are constantly reshaping the way we consume our multimedia and bringing new treats to the table. Where these two interesting developments will eventually lead us, remains to be seen.


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