The Coolest and Most Usable Travel Gadgets You Can Find on the Market


Have you ever watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles? It’s a great movie and it can teach you a lot about traveling. One of these things would be that friendship can be found even in the most unlikely of the places. Other – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. However, it’s hard to deny that Steve Martin’s Neal Page was a man of the ‘80s and didn’t have all the gadgets we have today. If he had, maybe his journey wouldn’t be just as painful.

So, what are these gadgets that can save your travel from becoming a hellhole?

Transparent Bubble Tent

This thing is so awesome it’s hard to describe. Made from very durable materials this inflatable bubble gives you all the benefits of sleeping outside (the sense of freedom, dreaming under the starry sky), while, at the same time eliminating all the drawbacks (mosquitos, bugs, and breeze). The bubble is large enough to fit an entire family and it also comes packed with blower, repair kit, and glue.

Luggage Scooter

Luggage is a pain in the neck – sometimes figuratively, and sometimes very literally. So, why wouldn’t you simply roll with it? Luggage scooter allows you exactly that. This neat gadget that turns your heavy luggage case into convenient trolley/kickboard scooter is a pleasure to ride. Also, since it was designed in collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, it comes with Bluetooth Sound2Go speakers that will make your trip to the airport much more pleasant.

Tiny Travel Steam Iron

Generally speaking, people avoid to carry their irons to travel. They take too much space and they make the luggage heavy. Instead, they bring excessive amounts of clothes that takes too much space and makes the luggage heavy. The tiny travel steam iron solves this problem with grace and beauty. Featuring a 420-watt motor and three heating levels it packs more than enough power to successfully tackle any type of fabric and save you all the luggage space you may wish for.

Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Drive

Swiss Army Knife is the most iconic gadget in history. It has everything a solitary traveler may ever need. Knife, scissors, pen, screwdriver… Small things that make life easier. Well, with the coming of the digital age, Swiss Army Knife got two important upgrades – an LED pointer, and 1TB USB Flash Drive with data transfer speed of 220MB/s. Ever wanted to bring your entire Blu-ray collection to vacation and have a decent nail file? This is the product for you.


Probably the most useful thing you fit into your back pocket. Modern smartphones can tackle the duties of your home PC, provide you all the entertainment you can wish for, translate you foreign languages, and even serve as a great GPS navigation replacement. As for these basic duties, you can get away even with an affordable device like Motorola Moto G5. However, if you want to get a great camera that can compete with the DSLR’s you should aim for top-tier and buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7.

Smartphone Equipment

Of course, smartphones are useful as they are, but they can be made ten times more useful with the proper equipment. For instance, buying quality wireless headphones will allow you a better range of motion while your hiking (and you won’t have to worry about damaging the cable), smart health band will track your physical activity and give you the info on the calories you’ve burned, and solar charger will keep your phone juiced even when there’s no place to plug your traditional charger in.

Pretty awesome, right? Even if you got stranded in the wilderness you will still have a place to sleep and a way to charge your phone. No surprise – gadgets are making all aspects of our lives easier and stress-free. It was just a matter of time when they’ll grace travels with their convenience as well.

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