The 13 Best Mobile Business Apps of 2017


These days it seems as though the productivity and efficiency required of a business rests in the hands of the software it runs on. Mobile apps are particularly beneficial to the advancements of a business because they allow us to obtain valuable information from remote locations. Mobile apps are easily accessible to the working man/woman and award us with greater flexibility. These days, in order to be successful, businesses are active and constantly in motion, to be successful you cannot remain static. Thus, I have compiled this list of the best mobile applications for business professionals in 2017. The apps listed range in use, from travel to communication apps, this list will help take your business productivity to the next level.

Travel Apps

Uber—is a ridesharing app that gives users access to rides in a matter of minutes. This app stores your credit/debit card information for quick and easy payments that are completed at the end of your ride. For even cheaper rides you can use UberPool and share a ride with another passenger for a discounted price. If you’re looking to ride in style be sure to check out UberBlack for a professional driver in a high end vehicle.

Lyft—is another ridesharing app that provides its customers with quick service. Instead of waiting for a bus or another form of public transportation just request a ride and you’ll be picked up in a matter of minutes at an affordable price.


Dropbox—is a cloud provided app that is home to all of your files, including, but not limited to: photos, videos, and documents. Since this is a cloud run application all of your files will be accessible on all of your other technological devices (desktop, laptop, iPad/tablet) including on the Dropbox website.

Communication Apps

Skype—is a Microsoft app that allows you to communicate with your partners and colleagues via text, voice, and video for free. Skype can be used on a number of devices including your phone, computer and even on your television. This app can even be integrated for businesses into office phone systems and VoIP contact centers.

WhatsApp—is an instant messaging app that allows its users to send and receive video, audio and text messages for free. This app is exceedingly popular among users because it allows customers to communicate internationally for free. The app also allows for group chatting and location sharing among its users.

Mobile Payment Apps

Venmo—is a mobile payment app owned by PayPal that allows its users to transfer money between one another. Not only does this app let you make payments but you can also request money from other users. Perfect for being reimbursed for a business lunch!

Apple Pay—“Your wallet. Without the wallet”. Pre-downloaded onto your iPhone, Apple pay is a payment app and digital wallet service that allows users to make payments using their iPhone. This service entitles you to make in store purchases with your iPhone/apple watch or another apple device because it stores your credit/debit card information making it easy to make on hand payments in your favorite Starbucks or Cosi.

Web Hosting Apps

Weebly—is a webhosting app that enables users to create and design their own websites. The service is very user friendly and is one of the easiest website building servicers currently out there. One of the easiest available features is that this app allows you to drag information wherever you want without restriction letting your creative juices flow.

WordPress—historically used for blogging, this app has branched out in recent years with more and more users creating a variety of sites (i.e. e-commerce websites, marketing & advertising sites). The app has a myriad of programmers and designers to aid users in their creative process. The service is a bit more complex and less user friendly in comparison to other services but the vast community of support really helps users achieve their site design dreams, for a fee, of course.

Note taking Apps

Evernote—is an app that’s primarily used for note taking and archiving. Evernote permits users to create a ‘note’ that can exist in a multitude of formats: voice memo, handwritten, webpage, image, and text. The app has so many different features that make it so versatile and convenient to use, having been referred to as a “universal inbox” you can store anything here.

Networking Apps

LinkedIn—is a Microsoft owned social networking app strategically designed for the business community. The site allows users to link with others and establish connections with former classmates, professors, and former colleagues. For the most basic membership (free), LinkedIn requires its users to have pre-existing relationships with other users in order to form a connection. If you upgrade to their premium subscription ($$$) you will have greater access to contacts in the database.

With technological advancements being so readily available and current we know that new mobile apps are launching almost every day meaning that this list isn’t entirely comprehensive. I hope you find this list to be helpful to you and your business endeavors but be sure to check out other sources for updated information on the best mobile apps out there. Thanks for reading!

**Special note: all mobile apps listed are free to download, cost to use varies from app to app.

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