‘Halo’s Master Chief proposed to DC’s Katana at PAX Australia

'Halo's Master Chief proposed to DC's Katana at PAX Australia

Amongst the hordes of thirsty gamers, video game convention PAX Australia was privy to one delightful love story.

On Saturday, two gamers made for one of the loveliest proposals a video game convention has ever seen.

Sasha Scott and Nick Neave have been together for almost three years, have known each other for almost five, and the superb alliteration in their names makes them inevitable comic book allies. 

Living in Kilmore, Victoria, the two are regular cosplayers at PAX and Supanova, another comic and gaming expo, in Melbourne, where they often dress as DC and gaming-related characters. 

Sasha’s a new and used car salesperson for Seymour Toyota while Nick’s a sheet metal worker and trade assistant. 

But on Oct. 28, they donned the garb of their alter egos, Sasha dressing as the DC Comics Bombshells version of samurai warrior Katana. “It hadn’t been done before and it’s a very unique and beautiful dress,” Sasha told Mashable.

Sasha Scott as Katana and Nick Neave as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 at PAX.

Sasha Scott as Katana and Nick Neave as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 at PAX.

Meanwhile, Nick donned the epic suit of armour of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 from the Halo series. “I chose Master Chief as my costume because it’s mine and Sasha’s favourite game franchise,” says Nick.

Nick and Sasha made their way through the PAX crowd together and found the Xbox booth, heaving with folks eager to try their luck at Cuphead or test Forza Motorsport 7.

But there was no gaming to be done for these two. Taking a knee, Nick “Master Chief” Neave asked Sasha “Katana” Scott to be his partner in crime for life. 

And she said yes!

As for the wedding, you’d better believe the dress code will be on-point.

“At this stage, we are hoping to have the wedding at Movieworld [on the Gold Coast] in the Justice League hall as a themed superhero wedding where everyone has to dress up.”

Go get ’em, team.

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