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Here are Some Tips To Get Your Posts Approved and Published on Priority.

  • Your articles/lists should have a natural flow, connectivity and logical conclusion.
  • Every article or item should be accompanied by an image or embedded video.
  • Abrupt finishing is not accepted; your article/list should be complete in all respects and ready to be.

Your Articled Will Still Get Approved and Published, But it May Take up to two Week if

  • You have not attached the appropriate and relative images with your post.
  • If your post is not properly formatted.

Your List Will Be Rejected IF

  • Your submission should not have been copied and modified from other sources such as websites, books, and Your list has no
  • description and only contains titles of images.


  • Your guest post should accompanied by an author bio. An author bio helps our readers to know a little about you and your accomplishments. Being guest author, you can include a link to your blog/profile in your bio. Do remember that the provided link should not be a keyword link and it should land a reader direct to your real blog/profile.
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  • If your post contains more than 900 words, you may include one of relevant post or information in your article.
  • Do not include affiliate links.

Other Useful Info

  •  Submit your post in Microsoft Word document with .doc or .docx extensions.
  • Your post must be an original and unique work that has not been published previously in any electronic/web or print media.