Car Safety Technologies That Might Save Your Life


Cars these days are equipped with technology, but are they really safe? One thing’s for sure, they’re definitely safer than old cars.

Safety is an important topic because there are more cars on the roads than ever before. Every time you sit in a car, you’re putting your life into the arms of complete strangers, and you rely on their mental states.

Sometimes drivers are suffering from sleep deprivation, and sometimes they’re just cranky. You never know what will happen on the road. Because of that, having a car that’s as safe as possible is incredibly important. Let’s take a look at some new technologies that might save your life on the road.

Cross Traffic Alert

Cross Traffic Alert is a technology that’s not reserved for luxury cars only anymore, and that’s a good thing. This tech is designed to warn you about cars that are behind you. It’s just like having another set of eyes. Sensors on the rear of the car detect vehicles behind you and send a warning signal.

Modern Sensors

Modern sensors are able to inform you about many different things. They’re able to alert you when there are any issues with your car and warn you in time about any potential malfunctions. These sensors are also able to inform you about the road conditions since they’re able to analyze how slippery and wet the road is.


No, not those things inside of your car that pop out of the steering wheel during the crash. Car-stopping airbags are a new technology that will hopefully become standard in the future. Mercedes-Benz developed this technology which is based on deploying the airbags under the front of a car milliseconds before a collision. This tech acts as an anchor by rubbing along the surface doubling the stopping power of the brakes. It also raises the car, which is great, because by doing that the car will not dive during heavy braking.


Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology, or V2V, is a new tech currently tested in the United States. V2V uses wireless signals to send and acquire information about all the cars on the road. If this tech passes the test, you won’t have to hit the brakes or steer your car in a different direction in an attempt to avoid a car crash ever again. According to Green Car Congress, V2V technology has the potential to reduce 79 percent of target vehicle crashes on the road.

For now, car crashes cannot be avoided, and roadside assistance is pretty much necessary. If you live in Australia, and you are in need of roadside assistance compare products and packages offered by different companies. You should make sure to choose a reliable roadside assistance provider, like the one that inspires trust with a motto “Delivering Australia’s best roadside assistance is our goal”, and find a product that fits your needs.

Self-driving Cars

The idea of self-driving cars is nothing new, but making a truly self-driving car was just a madman’s dream until now. Self-driving cars are closer to being reality than ever. Google already tested their self-driving cars in California and Nevada, and the tests were successful.

Google’s cars are able to see traffic lights before they’re even visible to a person, and they also view road signs, alternative routes, and much more. These cars use radars, lasers, and cameras to analyze the road much faster than any human can. If self-driving cars become a success, we won’t ever have to worry about our lives while we’re on the road.

Many new car technologies are specifically built for safety, and some of these innovations are truly exciting. Some technologies will fail the tests, but they’ll give us valuable information, and some technologies will become widely used. Until that happens, drive carefully because someone loves you.

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