Business Technology Trends for 2017


2017 has turned out to be an interesting year so far, especially in the technology department. From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, we have slowly begun to enter that futuristic era that was only seen in the movies. Even though advanced home-tech is an interesting topic, today we would like to focus on what business technology trends will mark this year.

There are a couple of interesting trends that have already become must-haves and there a couple of them that are yet to prove their worth. All in all, we will definitely see a lot more of them in 2017, so let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the matter.

New payment methods

It is hard to imagine any successful business in 2017 without offering modern payment methods. Smartphones have come a long way from just entertainment devices. Applications like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have allowed us to use our smartphones for everyday payments. Soon enough, cards will become irrelevant.

With multiple cards saved on your Google or Apple account, you will be able to complete any purchase from your mobile device. Of course, businesses will have to offer adequate readers and infrastructure that supports these modern payment methods, but from the way 2017 is going, it seems that is just a matter of time.

Virtual workforce

Imagine running a whole company without anyone physically in it. That is exactly what virtual workforce aims to achieve. Now, we are a long way from this becoming a reality because a lot of jobs still require for people to be present at the offices. But some specific professions like a graphic designer, writer, etc. will become virtual sooner than you think.

This is a great news for smaller businesses as they will be able to hire more competent workforce on a much lower budget. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without the internet and the recent development of collaboration apps like Trello, BaseCamp, etc. They allow easy communication and task management even if you and your employees are thousands of miles apart.

Advanced security methods

As always, advancements in technology lead to more security threats. Today, simple padlocks are just not enough. A lot of companies are turning to keyless solutions like an HID reader. This device is a great and affordable solution, even for small businesses. It is proximity-based and you can use cards, mobile phones or chips to unlock the doors.

Physical security is one thing, but today’s companies also face security threats online. For this reason, cyber security has become more popular than ever. Small businesses especially need to protect private data of their customers, otherwise they risk losing everything. A number of businesses have gone under because of privacy and data leaks; don’t let yours be the next one.


Lastly, we would like to mention apps or mobile applications. These little software products have taken the market by storm. Not so long ago, apps were mainly used by established businesses to further improve their presence on the market, but as of now, even small businesses have decided to enter “the app game”.

What we mean by this is that small business owners have started developing their own apps to ease the payment process, improve communication, and market their own products. Apps can be used to show special deals and discounts, to introduce new products and services, and much, much more. With your own app, you will build up a following and loyal customer base much easier.

And that is all. These four tech trends are definitely going to leave a mark on businesses in 2017. It is hard to image a business in the near future without implementing at least one of these technologies. So, hop on the train while it’s still grabbing momentum and be one of the first to innovate your business.

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